Pietra Grey Marble Block

Pietra Grey Marble Block

更新时间: 2023/4/16
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供应商所在国家或地区: Iran

材质类型: Marble
主要颜色: Grey
表面加工: Natural

参考价格: US$ 150 - 180 / Ton
起运港口: BND
最小订单: 450 M2
付款条件: Cash

生产能力: Ocean Freight

Pietra Grey is a type of marble that comes from Iran. It is known for its rich, dark grey color with white veining. The marble is quarried in the Isfahan province of Iran and is also known as Pietra Gray or Persian Pietra. It has a fine, smooth texture that is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Pietra Grey marble blocks are large pieces of raw marble that are cut from quarries, and they can vary in size from several feet to over 10 feet in length. These blocks are typically transported to factories where they are cut and processed into slabs, tiles, and other finished products.

Pietra Grey marble is a popular choice for home and commercial use because of its sophisticated and elegant appearance. It is commonly used for flooring, walls, countertops, and backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms. The marble is also often used for exterior cladding, paving, and landscaping.

In terms of care, Pietra Grey marble is a relatively low-maintenance material but should be sealed periodically to protect against staining and water damage. The marble is susceptible to scratching and etching from acidic liquids, so it is important to use coasters and avoid using acidic cleaning products. With proper care, Pietra Grey marble can last a long time.

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