Collection Of Sandstones

Collection Of Sandstones

更新时间: 2022/11/17
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供应商所在国家或地区: India

材质类型: Sandstone
主要颜色: White
表面加工: Natural

参考价格: US$ 10.5 / M2
起运港口: 500
最小订单: 100 M2
付款条件: T/T


Sandstones are highly durable, scratch-resistant, and have excellent resistance properties towards weather, acid, and thermal conditions that make them a perfect building stone. Sandstone is widely used as flooring or paving material in interior and exterior spaces, whether commercial, residential, or public. For public spaces, Sandstone is highly crafted and manageable. Therefore, they are ideal for sculpting and architectural uses such as pillars, entrances, garden furniture, cascades, landscaping products, and stone arts and crafts. Sandstone is made up of a sedimentary stone that is typically the result of quartzite stone being eroded and deposited by natural agents like wind or water, making Sandstone a rich deposition of iron oxide, Quartz, silica, and calcium carbonate. They come complete in many colors, hues, shades and can be carved and decked out to a smooth surface in various attractive shapes.

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